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Company Profile

Company Name Azbil TA Co., Ltd.
Founded April 13, 1955
Capital Stock 100 mln. yen
Officers President   Hirohiko Kazato
Number of Employees 140
Business Activities Manufacture and sales of pneumatic devices, various devices and equipment using pneumatic technologies, units (lubrication units, detectors, etc.)
Head Office

9-27-9 Takashimadaira, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 175-0082

TEL 03-3936-2311

FAX 03-3935-9121

Affiliated Company
TACO Seiki Co., Ltd.
157-1, Aza-Ishibashi, Yunuki, Soma-shi, Fukushima Pref. 979-2512
TEL 0244-35-3211
FAX 0244-35-2611

HISTORY OF Azbil TA Co., Ltd.

1955 Apr. Tokyo Automatic Control Co., Ltd. was established in Chiyoda-ku , Tokyo by Kenzo Miyazaki.
Started as the only one specialized manufacturer of pneumatic products which located in Kanto area.
1961 Jul. Established Sitama factory in Sama, Gyoda , Saitama.
1963 Jun. Connected Technical tie-up with C.A. Norgren Co.(U.S.A.).
Established joint corporation Taco-Norgren Co.,Ltd.
1971 Nov. Built Head office in Takashimadaira, Itabashi.
Established Sales division in Head office.
1978 Apr. Absorbed Taco-Norgren Co., Ltd (Capital 120,960,000 yen).
1984 Sep. Resolved Technical tie-up with C.A. Norgren Co.(U.S.A.).
1989 Jan. Established TACO Seiki in Soma , Fukushima, and strengthed production system.
Began operations in March of the same year.
Sep. Change company name to Taco Co., Ltd.(Now Azbil TA Co.,Ltd.).
1994 Jun. Head Office relocated to Itabashi-ku from Chiyoda-ku Tokyo.
1996 Nov. TACO Saitama factory and TACO Seiki obtained ISO 9001 certification(JQA-1434).
2004 Aug. TACO Saitama factory and TACO Seiki obtained ISO 14001 certification(JQA-EM4191).
2006 Mar. Built New floor in Saitama factory(for Machining and Research)
2012 Nov. Became a member company of azbil Group.
2013 Apr. Change the company name to the Azbil TA Co., Ltd.

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